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the national scale above express delivery service

Le 14 mars 2014, 04:09 dans Humeurs 0

Don't undertake other loss indemnification responsibility as well.The agile and fierce development that relies on an Internet, Chinese express delivery industry is grown up with unprecedented cruelty speed barbarism.National post office data indicate that the national scale above express delivery service the business enterprise business quantity total amount completes 9,200,000,000 in 2013.This means that the express delivery that 1,300,000,000 people in whole China average everybody led a hand last year is more than 7.However, is such a let the industry of the excitement of people back conceal and make a people embarrassed detail:The express delivery delay, packagair jordan 7 cheap e throws to lose, product damage etc. is each each time engrave all is presenting to public, become each hard speech to consumer says of express delivery sad history.This age, have never taken place with express delivery friction of life, almost already calculate not ascend integrity of life.Is much less, at pay after money, patience and time complain, the consumer's express delivery package not only don't lose and reply, more of time, even indemnification also ask for help have no door, end can conclude without concrete result.There is difficult rules according to the career like this, the old house really once realized at Ms. Qian of Jiangxi once.Lately, Ms. Qian gave daughter's express delivery that studied in Guangzhou an intelligence cellular phone.Because the product is valuable, the opponent machine of Ms. Qian carries on to protect price to check, its choice Of the express delivery company protect price standard for:The below 2000 dollars goods take 0.1%s to protect a price fee, above is then 1%.Ms. Qian finally pays 40 dollars to protect a price fee according to 4000 dollars standard.Led half for several months didn't expect, the daughter called to haven't received a cellular phone, but Ms. Qian searches of result suggest, goods already the label accept.Because the doubt cellular phone loses or drive others the private claim falsely, Ms. Qian hence seek express delivery companies to request to protect price claim.But express delivery square said, the article had already been accepted by the label, can not provide indemnification, end Ms. Qian can from recognize unlucky.In fact, after after express delivery delay, multifarious be exposed in recent years of is relevant the express delivery nike kobe 7 for sale protect a price problem, the whole country almost will take place monthly similar dispute.On March 9, the national post office market takes charge of to take charge of a pair department chief Liu Liang Yi mean in two networks interview for holding, the consumer reflects currently of the express delivery heats order a problem mainly BE:The quick piece delay has 44% and delivers service problem to have 29%, throws to lose to short of to have 16% and damages to have 6%.But protect a price problem heel empress three all have a connection.In addition, according to the statistics of the region courts, such as Shanghai and Suzhou...etc., because the express delivery dispute that protects problem occurrences like price indemnification,etc also presents straight line up-trend.According to going to Year March 1 formally carries out of emendation version management way in the express delivery market show:Fill in an express delivery luck list front, business enterprise should remind to send service contract item of the reading express delivery luck list of a person, and suggest to send a person purchases to protect price or insurance service to the valuables;Business enterprise should quick piecemail deliver engagement of accept the collection person that an address and consignee or consignee specify;The business enterprise that conducts express delivery business delivers a quick piecemail, should tell consignee to directly check and accept.The quick piecemail is intact over-wrap, is confirmed by the consignee signing.The quick piecemail of delivering notes to appear the obvious and damaged for the easily ground article andair jordan 11 retro the over-wrap, the business enterprise should tell consignee to inspect first inside the piece again the label accept.Is physically in operation, express delivery member root can't remind the service contract behind noodles list, the consumer big parts of personses aren't clear either.A industry insider to souths all reporter said and moreover delivered time for decrease, isn't the behavior that I accept a piece, generation label very widespreadly, this may be the reason that Ms. Qian's daughter's cellular phone throws to lose.But usually, the consumer wants to offer as proof to be very difficult.Protect price black hole to revise a version management way in the express delivery market also request, once served in the express delivery

Expect Sa to break the ice the 67th minutes

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While ordering to Joe-admire violate the rules be punished Huang Pai especially.The skin gram blocks to spread medium ball, the Sa expects Lai tower 10 left feet to shoot ball at goal to be partial to.The seat Er tile forbids an area edge to defend in the Yi Nie Si tower under fall down, judge brush-off judge to order ball.The 58th minutes, forbid to shoot ball at goal Gao Chu before the area in Na Si.After 2 minutes, cloth Si gram the Ci spread ball, the plum west forbids the strength before the area to shoot to be partial to a right side to sign pillar.Expect Sa to break the ice the 67th minutes, the method cloth thunder adds Si to keep spreading the quilt Lai Si the section once leaked especially, plum 10 western broad swords pushed to shoot to break a door.Click to watch into a ball video frequencythis is originally him match the quarternike lebron 11 on feet is the 28th into the ball, among them, hat in Europe beats into 8 balls.In order to expect Sa and beat into 67 Europe hats into the ball plum west, exceed the Lao Er beat into for emperor's horse of 66 balls, break hat in Europe to record for single ball team entering ball.The 71th minutes, the plum west spreads ball and admire Wei to forbid to vigorously shoot inside the area Hu drive Joe-admire rush toward especially.Later on inside the space thunder substitute one more Er tile to appear.Bore Pa Ni to inside Ma Er's fouling be punished Huang Pai.The Na gas changed a Na Si inside.The 75th minutes, ha the Wei is arbitrarily 25 ball's shooting ball at goal be blocked.The 78th minutes, Zhe section Tu into forbid the left side of the area defends in the skin gram under fall down, judge brush-off judge to order ball.The Sa expects Lai tower mightiness protest total amount two yellow cards be punished bottom, click to watch see Repeatedlyhe is the player whom the 26th gets a red card to Ba Sa of, ball team in England to the 10th red card that expect Sa.The mulberry slices Si to change bottom inside Ma Er.The 86th minutes, Er Wei Si and plum the west spread ball in a row, the method cloth thunder adds Si to forbid a shooting ball at goal of the left side of the area quilt Joe-admire rush toward especially, front Sen Natiny Botiny Bomedium the field be filled the Er Ji-Luo's shell to give to change later on bottom.European champion league match 1| is 8 rounds, Ba Sai Luo that squareds Man city.After competing a beginning in less than 20 minutes inside in time, expect Sa to encounter two miscarriage of justice in a row, once the point ball that should give has no judge, another inside Ma Er enter the ball be blown more and been located on first by the mistake but cancel.Isnike lebron 10 mens a plum first west the 7th minutes take ball Tu to go into after Man city forbid area, be tripped over especially by the section of Lai Si, but the assize has never blown to punish some ball.The after the event slow lens clearly gives the section of Lai Si especially of violate the rules action, announcer's Zhan Jun's point reviews a way, if judge see clearly of words, judge some ball Lai Si section especially also have no what say so much of, after all you plum west the person touched to pour.Yang sees to comment on guest Xu Yang to also say, see the slow lens suggest and fouled, can give some ball.Moreover once, the 18th minutes, Ba Sa Zuo's road keeps spreading Er Ba, break through Man city defense line , The Er expect horizontal spread Ma Er inside the help to push to shoot Buddhism to enter ball, but side the assize punish Er Ba more, canceled into ball.Field the slow mirror of camera of the side, and slow mirrors of air spider lens all suggest, the Er expect to have no more.Report according to American medium, around 9:30 A.M. the 12th local time, the east of Manhattan, New York, the United States admire the lime area has the several explosion, police in New York City and fire fighter said, explosion leave one person dead, 17 people get hurt at least.The initial reason of this time trouble judges to explode for coal gas.According to report, the witness listenned to beair jordan 12 buy better enough than 6 F, block 1 residents' building of 116 streets to take place the huge explosion voice ringing at that time.And someone said, there were 2 buildings to consequently collapse to fall.There has been about 10 fire fighting trucks arriving to the spot to put out, the building brick tumbling down scatters on the road, the local TV screen suggests, east admire lime area the sky rise thick smoke.The explosion causes parts of street closes in Manhattan:Big way in the park is northern to go directional of 110-117 streets, southern line direction of 125-115 streets and wheat Di lousy big way and joy star the street area of the big of 116 streets between the wayses close.A witness describes that exploded big strength to feel to be like the earthquake of taking place at that time.There are medium that said, face

according to cloud calculation and big data

Le 14 mars 2014, 04:09 dans Humeurs 0

Come to original Teng Xun video frequency general manager Liu Chun rather hold knife in person;In January, 2014, the inside disclose to release to visit platform for the very first time;In February, in advance experiment area to sign strategy cooperation agreement with international tour island in Hainan, the programming always invests 5,000,000,000 dollars, at experiment country head in area Taipei First Boys School according to cloud calculation and big data of the number Internet intelligence Internet bay in city, fall a door mileage word amusement and the game industry headquarters base.Another remarkable data BE, is just ending of March 8 cellular phone Tao the treasure lived among the stanza, passed cellular phone Tao the treasure reserved of the movie ticket consumed to approach under the line 2,000,000, the cellular phone Tao treasurenike kobe 8 cheap became China's biggest movie service platform.The inside group CO O Zhang Yong to south all reporter said, the cellular phone Tao treasure corresponds this realm, role's positioning doesn't just want to do the outlet of tickets sale, in is creating companies with hospital line, contents to cooperate, and pass tiny Bo etc. information social intercourse platform, provide to the one-stop path for movie and the customer's.Spread inside the industry last week in addition inside USD 1,000,000,000 joined from partnership China count media, will acquire the latter about 20% shares.All the souths reporter learns of, the negotiation that trade already get into end stage, already hope to become up to the present for Inside's biggest investment, but China number the media own national biggest number to turn the program contents medium resources database.Each tycoon fights cultural industry 5 G to initiate person and the Internet critic Hong wave to tell south all reporter, in is becoming electronic commerce of far and far outrunning, influence people living square's company.He thinks that in recent years inside's multifarious layout in cultural industry realm, on the other hand want to expand electronic commerce outside of industry, do some businesses with brand and have a contents;On the other hand then cultural industry is the realm that the government promotes to strongly support, may enjoy in setting foot in this realm more support.In addition, it is delicate to after being the bargain and completing, another one tycoon Teng Xun to cultural China of hold amount of,air jordan 7 retro will be been thin to go to 3.2% by 8% stands.In the future the two greatest internets tycoon is in cultural industry whether will continue to fight to contest, the realm whether will turn into an Internet the tycoon is next to open hostilities of platform?The Hong wave thinks that each big Internet company has been being doing cultural industry, not is in military advance the realm be just paid attention to after.A lot of Internet companies have already got involved industry, for example network game, comic and animation, showbiz, and publication...etc., but the tycoon gets involved The empress cultural industry may be more very hot.The Hong wave is candid in saying.Observe in lend hull to become available in the market the possibility is low in addition to cultural China, have been planning include Hong Kong to become available in the market in the overseas of in expect Ba, early front still declare allied together cloud Feng fund, with total price 1,327,000,000 dollars join from partnership medium believe 21th century, have 54.33% ownership of a shares, become the biggest shareholder, and point will continue to keep medium believe the existing business in 21th century, may also infuse into some business of adding.No matter is join from partnership medium believe in 21th century or invest cultural China, industry for in the guess that Ba Ba Jie's hull becomes available in the market is continuously.However, the senior nike men's kobe 7 merger lawyer who has Shenzhen to south all reporter said and pressed becoming available in the market of Hong Kong trading post15.19, -0.11, -0.72% ruled to see, the inside Ba Ba Jie's hull two possibilities that company becomes available in the market not big, none of these two companies is inside Ba Ba ideal hull resources.Relevant industry personage to south all reporter reveal, if inside Ba Ba pass these two company march on-line city, if the total amount property exceeds original capital, be subjected to 100% of the benefit, earnings or city value etc. any index sign, then want to re- walk to become available in the market process.Meanwhile, if lend hull to become available in the market, the city value of these two companies isn't high, if carry on

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